Documentary Constantin and Elena by Andrei Dascalescu Available on YouTube

Friday, January 11, 2013

Documentary film Constantin and Elena by Andrei Dascalescu is now available on YouTube:

Constantin and Elena by Andrei Dascalescu
Scene from Constantin and Elena

Constantin and Elena was presented in the 2009 edition of the Romanian Film Festival in London.

Constantin and Elena
Director Andrei Dascalescu
Documentary, Romania 2008, 103 mins

Director Andrei Dascalescu almost single-handedly created this beautifully shot, observational documentary set in a rural village, following Constantin and Elena who've been married for 55 years.

In the evening of their lives, they reflect on their rich past, sing traditional songs together and talk matter-of-factly about what will happen when they die. Day in and day out they work at their farm, hardly ever take a break and when they do, Elena weaves colourful carpets and recites her poetry, skills she learned in her childhood years at the convent.

Constantin adores watching her, if he isn’t off to church, or bringing flowers to their son's grave. It’s a reflection on life as it was, dying traditions and a heartfelt story of two very loving, artistic and wise people – an entrancing, award winning film that’s not to be missed.

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